“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak” – Hans Hoffman. Thru the use of selective elements Zenscape creates a space that is welcoming and calm...a design that reflects meditation...a place that has the power to relax, restore, and balance every emotion, giving you a true sense of well-being.

Our complimentary consultation service allows us to work with your space and unique desires to design the environment that matches your needs. How much privacy is important to you?...are water sounds desired?...how about lighting effects? Plant placement and visual flow is an important part of the design and creates that “welcoming” aspect.

We transform your outdoor space into an attractive  area increasing value while promoting a healthy mindset. No matter if the space is small or extensive good design can make it happen. We specialize in “real-as-life” artificial plants and trees created to handle the outdoor elements, while they completely fool the eye. All the hassle of LIVE is eliminated...so relax, your garden space is ready to enjoy.